David Galper & Battery Ventures

When David Galper and his partner Vince Han came up with the idea for the Ruckus Network, they needed backing.  They knew they had a good scheme.  Music sharing was a new idea ready to be developed, but it had to be done strategically and legally.  It also was going to take a lot of money to get Ruckus off the ground.  So where did entrepreneur David Galper turn for help?  He chose to team up with Battery Ventures.

What is Battery Ventures?  Battery Ventures is an organization that invests in companies they believe will make a difference.  Battery selects exceptional entrepreneurs who have conceived technology-driven companies then supports those organizations as they grow into extraordinary companies.

Battery Ventures uses great care to select the companies they invest in; companies with high potential management teams positioned in promising markets. They want the match to be right, because they invest more than money in their clients.  The professionals at Battery Venture use their expertise, contacts and 27 years of experience to provide a broad range of assistance to ensure an emergent company's success. 

When up-and-coming entrepreneur David Galper need a strong support team and sound financial backing, Battery Ventures turned out to be the perfect partner and having the right partner can make the difference between failure and success.